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UiPath Robot: This is a digital worker, which performs scheduled work in massive batches or completely on its own. And this is done without any human inputs or intervention such as invoice processing. This can also run on the user’s computer while following their direct commands such as call center processes.

This tool is powered by modern and Advanced Computer processing used to execute accurate and accelerated automation for Citrix, SAP and even Mainframe processes. This activates and acts on and closes every cloud Legacy and local applications while extracting process and transferring data between data sources. The data sources can be structured or semi-structured including documents, applications or databases. You can also harness optical character recognition technology and embedded cognitive technology from Microsoft and Google to create the industry’s biggest automation footprint. UiPath Robot also support for attended or unattended automation:

  • Attended Automation: This Robot is designed to cooperate with employees in business activities where human intervention is required. It resides on the employee's workstation, triggered when needed by direct command. A discreet collaborator, it acts in the background while the staff continues with uninterrupted work, delivering high productivity and low handling times in service desk, helpdesk, and call centre activities.
  • Unattended Automation: Operating without human touch, the Unattended Robots are the key to maximized cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. Provisioned on the Orchestrator from either physical or virtual environments, they can be scheduled to self-start and run efficiently in batch mode. Access them remotely, with scheduling, workload management, reporting, auditing and monitoring all securely centralized.


Key Features

  • Centralized Configuration: Configure and deploy Robots remotely to Orchestrator automatically. There is no need for manual configuration on-premises. Great for operational scalability across global business units.
  • Centralized Licensing: Managing Robot licenses is easier than ever before. Licences are centralized in Orchestrator, per each tenant, making it easier to maintain thousands of Robots.
  • Desktop Automation: Automates human actions on the application user interface.
  • Web Automation: Automates human actions on browser interfaces with HTML pages.
  • Business App Automation: Utilizes computer vision and image recognition to effectively automate the rules based processes of these and similar enterprise applications (SAP, Oracle Apps, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, etc).
  • Mainframe Automation: Automates rules-based processes for mainframe applications, using customized interfaces with terminal emulators (i.e. Attachmate, Rumba, etc.)
  • Citrix Automation: Automates Citrix with almost equal proficiency as Web or Desktop automation, because of innovative image recognition and computer vision technology.
  • Screen Scraping: Automates data extraction with 100% accuracy from desktop & web application screens. Very important technology for automating processes that are supported by legacy applications.
  • Web Scarping: Extracts data from multiple pages with industry-leading pattern-based data scraping technology.
  • Text Based Automation: Innovative technology that uses relevant text as an anchor for automation actions.
  • Data Automation: Automation that leverages full .NET capabilities to create, filter, merge, structure and analyze data.
  • Email Automation: Capability of robots to automate actions of receiving, reading and sending emails/attachments - from Outlook, Exchange, Gmail or any other provider.
  • MS Office Automation: Automates any action involving reading or writing text or data with common MS Office applications.
  • Invisible Automation: Allows users to pull up screens and do other work while robots run automated workflows hidden in the background.
  • Auto Login Window Session: Enables Unattended robots to run completely autonomous process automation by auto-logging into a Windows session.